The Matrix of Learning

Seems that technology is indeed here to stay. No surprise there. There are blogs aplenty citing the how to, where to, when to, but perhaps less about the why to.

I love learning. I love learning at my pace. I suspect there are others like me who approach newness with trepidation; can I learn this, will I be successful, is it worth the effort? I’m finding as I age that life is not linear. My life-line has now become a matrix. I am: past/present; feelings/thinking; me/others; work/personal; impact/dud.  Ideas, new and old, blur together.

Information overload – not really.

Filter failure – doesn’t seem to be.

It’s just not that simple.

The questions could be:  What is working? What is lacking? Do I need something different to do what I’ve done before? Is change worth embracing for the sake of change alone? Do we chase down change, so we can be at its forefront? So we can say, “I did it first?”

I’ve been blogging personally for several years. Blogging changed how I use my technology. Blogging introduced me to Twitter, to Pinterest (well actually Facebook introduced me to Pinterest). I was fortunate to expand my matrix in my own real time.

When I moved into my newbie role of VP, I’d already become extremely comfortable with Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, WordPress, Blogger, and Edmodo, (yup I’m a bit of a geek). What I’m saying, less than eloquently, is that there was nothing artificial or forced about my evolution into Personal Learning Networks. They evolved naturally seemingly at their own pace. And more importantly they have enriched my life.

As I explore ways of connecting these options to my students and staff, I am being mindful that we learn differently, at different paces, with different levels of  comfort, acceptance or resistance. The exercise must be meaningful to be embraced. I am purposing to remember that just as we have a variety of learning styles, motivation, etc., so do we have different personal needs for personal learning networks.

I am excited to offer the students and staff at my school the opportunity to write book reviews on our new library blog.  SCES Library Blog. We’ll see where that takes us.

There is something exciting about doing things a new way when that new way has meaning.

Nothing wrong with taking a risk.

Nothing wrong with making mistakes.

There is something concerning about thinking that my favorite techno gadget is going to hit a home run with everyone around me.  Batter up?

How are you filling in your matrix?

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