In the Moment?

You know it’s time to press the pause button when rather than absorbing the joy of the moment, you’re planning your get-away so you can tweet ‘the’ experience to the world; perhaps with a photo attached.

This week I was forced, once again, to stop, breathe, remain present resisting the urge to disengage from the here and now in order to engage with social media.

If you heard a thwack come across twitterdom, that was me resetting my innards to what comes first.

We had a fun, fabulous, ghoulishly spectacular Halloween Day on Wednesday. YET, I almost missed some of the delight, because of the pull to relate all this good stuff to the world outside our building.

So my lesson in a nutshell:

Stay focused, be present…you can always blog about ‘it’ on the weekend.


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