Don’t Miss the Beautiful

While catching up on some long overdue blog reading I stumbled upon the phrase, ‘Don’t miss the beautiful.’ I was stopped mid click.

Don’t Miss the Beautiful. 

As we near the end of 2012, it behooves us to reflect not only on what is to come, but to celebrate that which has already happened. Even as I write this, my head is shaking with thoughts of tragedy, death, and sorrow. What of beauty is there to notice?

My list includes:

Snow ~ white fluffy, uncompromised snow.

Beautiful British Columbia ~ the best place on earth!

Grandchildren – an amazement of joy mixed with promise.

Children ~ the wonder as our relationships mature from parent to friend and back again…as needed.

Parents ~  wisdom they give when I slow down enough to listen.

My reverend ~ finding sanctuary in his presence.

Faith ~ an anchor in the time of storms.

Work ~ the honour/blessing of 30+ years of ‘doing’ what I love, while ‘being’ who I am.

Travel ~ most recently to chilly northern BC.

Hwy 37 - driving up to chilly northern BC

Hwy 37 – driving up to chilly northern BC

Many of us race through life at break neck speeds. Would slowing down a bit be such a bad thing?…

Slow Schooling…hmm

Such a journey. Who of us knows when we will reach the finish line?

Along the way, my hope is to be mindful not to ‘Miss the Beautiful’.


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