It’s OK to bring ME to My Job

Do you ever feel like you’ve given your all only to discover, often via the grapevine; now known as social media, that ‘someone’ is not happy with what you’ve done or said? Thankfully I’ve rarely had that experience – personally or professionally. I used to wonder if the lack of criticism was fear based. Was I really that scary? I hope not.

When faced with unhappy colleagues I attempt to utilize the tools cultivated in my counselling tool kit. Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe in and out. Defer decisions if possible. Get some time/space, reflect, and when that is done, act.

That being said, I can not let fear be A Dark Master, directing my decisions as a school leader. I want to be a person who leads with courage. In that vein, I am so pleased to be part of a district that has had the courage to offer new options to our families. SD#35 has opened its doors for a discussion of a district wide balanced calendar. It is never easy or popular to toss out the notion of change. Especially change on a big scale. I applaud our District Leadership Team for their courage in starting this discussion.

Whether the balanced calendar year is accepted or not, the idea has been presented. Innovation is never easy. The struggle is often less with the details of the change, but more to do with change – the doing things differently – part of the the idea.

Make no mistake, change will happen. It may not be a balanced calendar, but we can not continue to be under the illusion that the way we have always done things will address the needs of our current students and the students to come. Society is different, technology has passed the explosion stage, morality is no longer black or white. It is only a matter of time before the framework for public schooling catches up.

We can hang on to doing things they way we always have, or we can take a risk and move in a different direction. Our current DLT understands this, yet is respectfully placing that choice in the hands of parents, students, and businesses directly involved.

Kudos to team of brave leaders. Kudos for not settling with the status quo.  Kudos for giving us options. To my mind this is less about calendar and more about moving a school district towards a better way of providing the best education possible.

I am proud to be ME in a fabulous school district.

As always I believe, Better is possible,


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