It’s Like Coming Home

Being away has been difficult.

I’m melted into my reverend’s comfy recliner with the dust blown off of ‘Better is Possible’. Freshly brewed coffee by my side, a smile on my face; I am as close to a Zen moment as I can be the day before school reopens for kids.

By nature, I am a verbal processor, so this self imposed break from blogging – blogging is like talking to someone; journalling is so silent – has forced me to bend the ear of my long-suffering spouse. I’m sure there were many times, he inwardly longed for my blogging hiatus to be done. Today is that day.

Because, here in BC, the strike is over. People are back in the building, and Friday was a homecoming like no other. I am working hard to temper my enthusiasm, to respect the price that was paid all around to reach a negotiated settlement, but please indulge me this one …‘Woot-Woot’!!!

For you see, there is little that compares with the work of getting a school ready for kids. You can only do so much without the staff – they are the bones, the framework of our school.

Our Shortreed team is amazing. The buzz throughout the building was what I imagine the sound a colony of bees might make while working together to bring order back to chaos. And by golly, I think we’ve done it.

There is much work ahead of us but it is without hesitation I can say that ‘our team’ is stronger than ever. Our relationships, staff to staff, have become even more solid.

On Friday, we said farewell to our treasured admin assistant who is heading to a majestic, scenic resort town in BC for adventures unknown. We welcomed new staff to Shortreed, who with determined enthusiasm began the task of exploring a foreign work place. In one short day, they began the transformation of making something unfamiliar their home.

I wonder if what I feel is somewhat like survivors’ guilt. We made it. We’re here to be educators another year. A price was paid, yet, as demonstrated by the hugs and high 5’s, we’re back home. There is a sense of bearing witness to the idea, that ‘Better is Possible…and that feels so good.


NOW TO THE ADVERT! Please read on. 
Shortreed is in the running to win $10 000 for our school library. You can help us by voting daily until Oct 4th. Go to Adopt-A-School Our name is, Shortreed Community School. We’re in BC.

You can ‘adopt’ us daily. If you choose to donate money be aware that donations of any amount will give a maximum 10 adopts per day per person in the Adopt & Don’t Stop Giveaway. Thank you for your support.

Please 'adopt' my Grandma's school, Shortreed. Grandma says they love reading as much as I do.

Please ‘adopt’ my Grandma’s school, Shortreed. Grandma says they love reading as much as I do. Thank you.

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