All Of The Above

While scrolling through the twitter-sphere yesterday, I came upon a link to a compilation of  ‘blogs-about-education’. You can add your favourite education blogs to AssistEd Shift . I love lists and think this is a great idea. When I went to ‘sign up’, I got as far as this:

Which category or categories do you feel it (the blog)  fits into?  Feel free to select more than one.
  • General Education
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Education Technology
  • Education Reform
  • Innovative Teaching & Learning
  • OTHER 
If you wrote in “OTHER” in the question above, what is a good “category” for it?

Yikes…what category or categories would describe my blog? I was stymied. The dilemma of choice. Where do I fit? I used to identify with the ‘eclectic’ until it was pointed out that ‘eclectic’ could mean indecisive, ungrounded, a failure to commit. ‘Integrated’  had a nice ring to it until more recently I upgraded to ‘inclusive’.

Come one and all to my blog, you all belong, there is a bit of something for everyone.

What defines me? Where do I fit? What category am I?

Where does my blog belong?

Back to the basics one more time. What is the main thing, the big idea?

It’s all about relationship. As I look back to the beginnings of this blog – as I dip into the archives of my other more personal blog, it is evident that my blog posts are really as much about relationship as they are about education, parenting, play, music, or soul.

We are born for community. We are designed for relationship. Belonging keeps us grounded, gives us anchors.

With age, comes a perspective that hopefully adds wisdom to experience. If students don’t feel a sense of belonging, learning can become difficult. Even the seemingly well adjusted student can struggle in a class/school where there is little connection.

Connection builds relationship. Relationships connect us.

If we don’t connect with our students, staff, community, if we don’t engage with them enough to know them, how can we claim we are successful educators? Above all, we are human. We share humanity. That will not change.

Several years ago as I was wrestling down the ‘what category am I’  question I wrote this:

(in the context of paradigms shifting – click here for the complete post)

“As I observed our students playing during recess while on duty this week, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I tried picturing my grandchildren out on our playground. Would they feel safe? Would they feel happy? Would their needs be met? Then it hit me, and not for the first time; parents trust us with their precious children, most send their hearts along with their offspring. There is no way to take that lightly nor is there one right way, one single paradigm that can contain the complexities of what we are called to do, to be, in order to meet all the needs gathered within our buildings.

If the paradigm is indeed a container mine must be:

  • strong enough to withstand crisis,
  • resilient enough to never give up,
  • deep enough to hold all the resources required to match a variety of diverse needs,
  • beautiful enough to capture the imagination of our charges
  • human enough to have room for humility, joy, acceptance, and love.

…Once again I come back to relationship; with staff, with students, with parents, with the DLT’s of our districts…” 

To what category do I belong? All of the above. 

I’m good with that.


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