Just Another Twitter Morning

Another Saturday morning up well before dawn to join my favourite chat of the week. #nt2t. It starts early on the east coast so often I don’t get on board until it’s well past half over.

Julie Szaj @shyf  is the cofounder. Definitely worth a follow.

Others in the #nt2t team include: Traci Logue @ and Stephan Hughes @defstef98  Also good tweeps to follow.

My gems for this morning were two slides illustrating maker education. As far as I can tell they originate from The Mindset of the Maker Educator by Dr. Jackie Gerstein. Follow her @jackiegerstein

This morning’s finding was not a straight line.

  •  @poida tweeted the picture that first caught my attention
  •  an attempt to find the original source took me to @PalmyTeacher
  • Googling the name in the bottom corner of the picture led me to its maker the aforementioned Dr. Jackie Gerstein.

There were many rabbit trails along the way. That’s the fun of twitter on an early Saturday morning.

A Making Reflection

A making reflection

Educator as  Maker Educator


And before I go, because I know you’re wondering:

NT2T = New Teachers to Twitter 

Happy Twittering!


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