Oh That Christmassy Feeling

Can you feel it? The excitement, the buzz, the little bouts of extra energy. Yesterday we awoke to a shimmery skiff of snow glistening on our deck. This little amount of the white stuff was enough to bring smiles, laughter, shouts of ‘it’s snowing’…and that was just from me. I dashed to my sleeping reverend, who might have had his last moments of sleep disrupted by my cheers of joy.

It finally feels like Christmas. There seems to be something different, something new this year. The calendar is chalk-a-block full, there are presents in abundance to buy. Nothing’s changed there, except that a decade of dreary seems to have been replaced by a child-like joy of the season. I’ve downloaded two new Christmas albums plus one new challenging piano solo to master. Our dining room table is a chaotic mess of Christmas lists, gifts to be wrapped, and random decorations that need to go, well somewhere other than this now over-crowded table. Our place has erupted with Christmas. A long awaited, good feeling Christmas Chaos.

Inspired to spread the cheer, I’ve made up a Shortreed Christmas Kahoot.it quiz (go make one, it is too much fun) for our staff. A school-wide listening play list of Christmas music is ready to go for December 1st – one delicious Christmas song a day, until December 19th.

Why the change? Why the excitement this year? I’m really not sure, but I’m going to embrace this newness.

At school, the list of Christmas to-do’s could rival Santa’s ‘checking-it-twice’ list. Trees are going up in classrooms. Decorations are on the windows and doors. Our Christmas store opens this week closely followed by a silent auction that morphs our hallway into a never-ending row of expertly fluffed baskets ready to go to the highest bidder. Drifting out from the music room are the sweet sounds of our children singing, rehearsing for THE Concert.

With all the excitement it can be easy to forget the angst. Last December’s education blogs were filled with advise about how to best manage our students who find this a difficult time of the year. We take those suggestions to heart, we ensure routine, we have room to sit with the sad of the season. For those of our students who dread Christmas, we do our best to create some memories that may slide safely through the hard shell of disappointment. Memories we hope will be life-long. We do so with love and care. We offer opportunities that speak to the wonder of December to everyone in our building. This balance is a delicate one. It can only be achieved by knowing our students. At Shortreed we know our students!

Throwing caution to the wind, I am starting December with the goal of making this the most wonderful time of the year. For every one of us, but especially me!

Carol, as in Christmas

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