Keeping Up With the Joneses

Perhaps the best part of being of a certain age, is the letting go of keeping up, reaching for more. That constant peeking over the horizon: not being content with what is; staying vigilantly poised for the next best thing. There is the competition of getting there first. We mustn’t stop to rest, or we’ll lose our spot.

For some, it’s a conundrum. Who but us, knows what we know, what we do, who we are? Who but us, cares? We compare ourselves with the plethora of up and comers. Some of whom are masterful self-marketers.  We grimace at the ones who appear to have the next newest idea; that idea we’ve been ranting about for years. We’re not into self-promotion, we don’t have bio’s that read like resumes. Yet, in spite of being settled most of the time, we can drift to that place where a feeling of lack robs us of calm. If our value comes in being noticed, we are in trouble.

It’s exhausting!

More accurately, for this over 50’s girl, it was exhausting. When I peer over the horizon of my own limits, to see what is out there, I now chuckle. It’s good to be out of the fray. Truth be told, I only ever lived on the edge of the fray. Dipped my toe in every now and then, only to back away and seek cover.

As I become increasingly comfortable in my own skin. Sitting with self, not to be confused with brooding, is a good thing. Call it meditation, reflection, prayer…there is value in being still. Reaffirming who I am, what I do, examining my core values, keeps me grounded.

There is a peace and contentment leading to joy when I mindfully embrace the things that matter.

Who are the Joneses anyhow?


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