Acceptance – A 2015 OneWord

Never one to make New Year’s resolutions I was delighted when in January 2011, I stumbled upon OneWord365. No paragraphs, no sentences, just ONE word. One word for the year. And the search began. What would MY word be?

A bit cliche for 2011, but after much, and I do mean much soul searching, I picked JOY, or perhaps Joy picked me. By the end of Dec 2012 – yes, that’s two years later, I was still not at peace with joy. But it was time to move on.

January 2013Enough became my one word. I was committed to embracing the power of me plus I’m pretty sure I had been reading a lot of Brene Brown, so the word was likely a toss up between vulnerable and enough.  Keeping with my pattern, it took two years for Enough to plant its roots in my heart.

January 2015 – I know, eh – where does the time go? After much reflection, pondering, introspection, and waiting, I have a word…drum roll, please…


This time with a bit more conviction…ACCEPTANCE!

I’m not sure what acceptance will end up looking like. I know it isn’t about:

  • settling
  • giving up
  • defeat
  • apathy

So for today, January 2, 2015, Acceptance has come in a whisper. It will be with me for the year (possibly two).

What Acceptance has spoken thus far:

  • ceasing to strive
  • being still
  • embracing the here and now
  • connecting

2014 was a year of unrest. It felt like I was constantly looking for more. It’s been a challenge, but bit-by-bit I am learning anew to embrace exactly where I am. Detaching from the longtime misunderstanding of acceptance as a weakness will be my challenge. With a work-life that is fast paced, solution-focused, desperate for change, crying for improvement, I wonder about acceptance; accepting our students, our staff, our community. Not looking for where they could be, but embracing where they are, now. It’s time to do the same for me. It’s time to make acceptance personal.

Accepting that where I am is where I need to be. Accepting that I am enough. Accepting that joy and sorrow can be ever-so wondrously connected.

Will you join me in the OneWord journey? You can find your tribe at OneWord365 or put your word in the comment section below.

Acceptance…you’ve come in with a whisper. May I listen well.


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9 Responses to Acceptance – A 2015 OneWord

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  2. Greig says:

    Hi Carol: Well, I excitedly went on to OneWord2015, signed up and posted my word. Even more excitedly I went to see who my ‘tribe’ is/was.Yikes, I’m the only one! Figures!


    • Greig – What is your word? Don’t make me go to OneWord2015 to find out. Thanks for stopping by.


      • Greig says:

        You know, “all who wander are not lost…” Hence my word, and my outlook on life that it is all about the journey, and who you “wander” with. No one else with that word, really??? Figures I’d be an intransitive verb, fitting actually 🙂


  3. Drew Frank says:


    I loved this post. I think there is fierce power in the honesty and integrity of “acceptance.” I hope it is a tremendous year of growth and happiness for you, and I look forward to learning and accepting with you.



  4. T. Henriksen says:


    I think acceptance is a bold and wonderful word that we can all learn from in all aspects of our life. Acceptance is paramount for us personally to be able to move on in our life. Acceptance is essential in our roles as leaders to help others in they practise. Not sure that makes sense, but, acceptance is of utmost importance in our role in order to build trusting relationships that are key in our role with all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, support staff, and community members. We are all just doing the best we can (I trust) and we can all help each other along our journey.

    Great word, Carol. Best wishes for this (and perhaps next) year in your journey around acceptance.



  5. Grandma Mary says:



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