Clutter is NOT my OneWord!

Change desk to mind and you have it!

Change desk to mind and you have it!


The mind kind. It sneaks in slowly, spreading bit by bit until it commands the artistry of the mind. Or at least, it tries.

I’ve developed a horrible habit of waking up at 3:30 am. Clutter awakens with me, stealthily making its way in my mind. This first wake up has a busy routine: open eyes suddenly, check clock, roll eyes, search in the dark for the nearest internet connected device, check eMails, iMessages, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, hit the Mr. if he’s snoring loudly, open the radio app on my iPad to play any ‘talk’ station and fall back asleep at least until 5am. The amount of clutter that can fill one’s mind during a 10-minute not yet morning ritual is sad. Very sad indeed.

I know, I know. I’ve read Thrive. That laptop, iPad, & iPhone should NOT be in my bedroom. At the very least they should be turned off all night long. I’m working on it.

But you see, that’s my clutter. Mind-clutter. By nature, (definitely not nurture, my mom is a full fledged messy) I am tidy. I  like order.  My work desk is organized. Papers and emails are re-routed to their appropriate place ASAP.

De-cluttering the mind has been a greater challenge. Where are the file folders? Where’s the delete? By the end of the day, my head is often amuck with words and feelings competing for the top spot in my brain.

Never one to live life defeated, especially by a little thing called mind-clutter, I have a plan. Actually this is not a new plan, it’s just a plan that gets easily muted by the dance of ideas performing in my head.

The de-mind-clutter plan:

  1. No checking of internet devices between 9pm and 5:30am – no excuses. OK maybe one! When Brit’s (one of our DILs) due date gets close and she goes into labour and we need to drive to Vernon, because we absolutely can not miss the birth of little miss or mister.  
  2. Start the day with a good word. What voice will I focus on today – chaos or clutter?  Example: Today’s word was, “Let be and be still” Psalm 46:10. There is a peace in simply being. My challenge is staying in the place of stillness; to be mindful of being. 
  3. Hold onto my plans loosely, they can change in a minute.
  4. Remember the whys (or remember to be wise)
  5. Distinguish the urgent, non-urgent, and emergency.
  6. Start with the non-urgent more often.
  7. Smile more, even if it’s on the inside.
  8. It’s ok to make lists, but know that if you don’t get anything on the list done, it’s not a fail.
  9. Keep doable work hours.
  10. Remember: suggestions not rules.

not clutter

Ah, feels better already!

What is your NOT OneWord?


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