When Chaos Tried to Take Over, But Peace Won!

Wow! What. A. Week. Month.IMG_0842

From ants to zealots, we’ve experienced it all.

The chaos of crazy-busy has not always left my calm demeanour firmly in tact. There were days I was rattled. Days I came home angry. Anger from dawn to dusk. And that, my friends is no way to live.

Faced with things or situations I can not fix frustrates me to no end. I can not fix the toxic animosity between parents fighting over their children, I can not fix a corrupt hard drive, I can not fix an ant infestation. Fixing is NOT my superpower.

When the impact of the negative feels like it’s going to win – my stubborn nature kicks into high gear. I will not live my life in this space!

Up early on a Saturday, commandeering my dear husband’s comfy recliner, I purposefully push my internal pause button. With eyes closed, they focus on what is good; I take a long, deep breath of gratitude. Ever so gradually my world begins to align itself. Ah, the peace of getting back to my set points.

Once again, here they are in no particular order:

  • I am not in this alone
  • Think change not fix
  • When joy is lost, so is my effectiveness
  • Laugh lots
  • Saying nothing, is saying something; what do I want my silence to say?
  • Choose my words wisely
  • Be purposeful in my actions
  • Change is often gradual
  • I am not my mother (snuck that in to see if you’re still with me – love you mom!)

As I write, the moon is quickly fading; another day/night cycle passed. A new day is upon me. A fresh start. A fresh start for me. That perhaps is the best reminder of all. I can begin today unfettered by the chaos of yesterday. My view has been refreshed.

Today, I WILL delight in the abundance of peace!

The Story of the Log Jam

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