Jan Unwin, you are a rock star!

  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Permission (or at least forgiveness)

Your message, which, could be summed up with the phrase:  when what we know, changes what we do, echoed the sound of the starter’s pistol. The time is now; we either move forward or face the real life meaning of the bell lap.

            With courage, we spread our sails wider than ever, our rudders firmly fixed             in excellent pedagogy, we can allow the winds of innovation to guide our course.

There is no one-way, there is a vast array of excellent ways. Ways that we once only knew intuitively, are increasing being confirmed by science.

To inspire a crowd of VP’s 3 days before spring break is no easy task. But Jan, you did it. We left the room, wanting more.

Another confirmation that, Better is Possible!

The Story of the Log Jam



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