Take Five

Who doesn’t love spring break? Mine is being spent at my well-loved old house in Vernon; our eventual retirement home. This year we’ve actually, really, finally, started on some must needed reno’s. It’s been decided that windows shall be the first to re-do. Clearly this whole renovation thing was easier whilst still in dream form. Being forced to actually commit to the process has become surprisingly stressful. Especially for a bit of a commitment-phobe.

In between visiting, planning, and cuddling grandchildren, I have had time to delve into the internet. There are so many great articles. Like you, when I find them, I share them – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and old school…wait for itword of mouth.

Below are five of my favourites. Each one is worth reading/watching. Enjoy!

1) Dr. Dan Siegal always offers research based advise, or at the very least, things to consider. “Staring at screens right before sleep turns out to be a lot worse than previously thought”. If you need more convincing watch this:  Why we need to turn off our phones at least an hour before we head to bed. 

2) My mom, who is a young 80, sends me a lot of emails: jokes, stories, political comments, religious commentaries. This week she emailed me a TED video about stress by Kelly McGonigal. Meh, I thought, I’m a counsellor, I don’t need this, but I watched it and Wowzers – time for me to upgrade my practice? If you have stress – even a little bit – take 14 minutes and have a look. Well worth it. How to Make Stress Your Friend

3) My children are well past their teen years, and I’m sure I never said any of these to my teens. Do/did you? What NOT to Say to Your Teen

4) This one has been making the Twitter circuit. If you can get by the title, have a read. Are We Raising Narcissistic Kids?

5) Because I can’t have a list of 5 without her, here’s some classic Brené Brown. Brené Brown on Blame

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the link to my Carol L Perry Counselling Facebook page. It’s updated often, and includes some interesting links and articles for parenting, personal growth, along with anything else I deem to be interesting. You’re more than welcome to like the page and follow along.

One can’t live in BC without mentioning the weather, so you’ll be shocked to hear that it’s been raining.  Fortunately we’ve also had some beautiful sunshiny hours. One afternoon while taking advantage of the sun, I sat outside reading. I was accompanied by no less than two deer, a woodpecker, a frog, two cats (we don’t own any cats), a family of quail, plus a vast assortment of birds. Bliss – except for the deer, they were scary and sent me scrambling back into the house. If you’re a spring breaker, I hope you’re enjoying your time away from work. For the rest of the world, take care, hang in there…summer’s coming.

Now, back to choosing windows. *sigh

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