I Stand in Awe #AprilBlogADay 6

The resiliency of our vulnerable students leaves me with an awe-inspired humility. To get to school, leave their ‘stuff’ outside the doors would be daunting for some adults.

You know the students of whom I speak. We all have them.

It’s comes as no surprise that these students can act out, act in, or choose to be invisible. Their courage, the mystery of their abilities to cope – maladaptive or not, inspires me to do better.


How about you? What leaves you in awe?

The Story of the Log Jam

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2 Responses to I Stand in Awe #AprilBlogADay 6

  1. Chris Wejr says:

    Hey Carol – this a reason I struggle with the often used phrase about “preparing kids for the real world” like this “real world” will be an unbearable challenge. Not only does this say that our kids live in some sort of “fake world” but it also shows the lack of knowledge of the unbelievable challenges that some of our students have to overcome each day. Thank you for all you do to recognize and support our vulnerable students… we do need to acknowledge this resiliency and courage more often in schools. Thanks for leading the way.


    • Thanks for your comment and kind words, Chris. You said, what I 100% think. We are privileged to be invited into their world, so to speak. We must do so with grace, humility, and a sense of honour. And with that, I’ll step off of my soap box.


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