Catch-up Saturday #AprilBlogADay

April’s blog posts are part of the #aprilblogaday challenge, and oh what a challenge it’s become. Many thanks to the leadership of Chris Couch who tweets as @the_explicator  and is behind, or in front of (ah, perspective) the craziness.

Prompt: What would you say to your beginning teacher-self?

1) You’re not going to get fired for taking a sick day. My strong work ethnic, combined with a ever-worrying mother had me scared silly that when I took my first sick day, I would lose my job. Laugh if you will, but the fear, as unfounded as it was, was real. To this day, I still have a whisper that ‘if I’m home sick, something bad is going to happen’. The message; if you’re sick, stay home.

2) You can’t do it all in one day.

3) Pace yourself.

4) Help others who are struggling, but don’t own their stuff.

5) Ask for help more often.

6) Say no more often.

7) Know that what you’re doing is awesome.

8) You’re a great advocate for your students. Be the same for your own children when you have them.

9) Don’t be such a rule-follower.

10) Don’t take money out of your RRSP to buy stupid stuff like motocross bikes.

11) Lighten up.

12) Smile more…on the outside!

13) Appreciate the friendships you’ve made. One of those friends will still be your dearest friend 30+ years later.

14) Phone your mother. Seriously, stay connected to your family. It’s ok to pick family over work.

15) You are making a difference. I have letters and notes from your early students to prove it.

16) You know all those kick-a** shoes you bought? They were worth it.

17) Computers are going to replace the Gestetner

18) Tell yourself you’re awesome more often. 

19) You’re going to be in this gig a long time. 35 years later you’ll still love what you do.

20) You 100%, hands down made the right choice.

The Story of the Log Jam

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One Response to Catch-up Saturday #AprilBlogADay

  1. janellewilson says:

    I still to this day have trouble taking sick days and only do it as a last resort and still feel guilty. I’m not worried about losing my job but of letting my students down.

    Great advice!


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