About Carol L Perry

I began Better is Possible with the hope of sharing reflections on life and learning. It quickly turned into a place to question, rant, reflect, share (over-share), as well as connect with other bloggers.

My lengthy career in public education gives me many experiences to draw from. In 36 years as an educator I had a variety of roles including: K-7 music specialist, classroom teaching, elementary & middle school counselling and most recently elementary school administrator.

On September 1, 2015 I retired from my public school career. I now work as a psychotherapist (clinical counsellor) in private practice. I am also available to present to small or large groups on the importance, practice, and implementation of Self-Regulation.  

And now the really important stuff.  My family!

Included are: a husband who is my #1 cheerleader/proof-listener, 2 sons, a daughter, 2 stepsons, a stepdaughter, 2 daughter- in-laws, an ex-daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, a daughter’s boyfriend, my mother, my father… ...and most wonderful of all – 12 amazing grandchildren!

My life is blessedly full.

Carol L Perry, MA, RCC

Carol tweets @clperry55

Carol L Perry Counselling Services Website

Carol L Perry Counselling Services Facebook Page


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