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The Thing About Opening the Can

She’s here! GG, Grandma, Mom, has arrived. And she’s staying. For three months. At least that’s the plan. The seal on the proverbial can is broken. Mom and I, like many mother-daughters, have a complex relationship. Mom loves my brothers, … Continue reading

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Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow: side-by- side, interwoven, enmeshed. Each important. Each deserving of attention. One, more demanding. To experience both is to wonder at life beyond myself. To embrace both makes me more fully human. Today I sing a broken Hallelujah … Continue reading

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Just How Narrow is That Door?

As I approach my third year of retirement, or more like semi-retirement I’m still looking for balance. Every so often, I find it. It is comfort, peace, happy, joy…it is good! But then, world events, family messiness, and the never-ending … Continue reading

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Endurance Self-Reg Style

The secret of life? To endure. If my memory is even somewhat accurate this was the ending of one of my all time favorite books, Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Her quote parallels the sage advice I often … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Kids

To my beloved children (TLC): Yesterday Derek (my in law in training ;)) posted this on Facebook: I agree with Derek, I love THIS. I love that Noah is in a daycare that celebrates diversity. “It is important to teach … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes; What Do You See?

It’s curious that as I’ve aged I’ve become more of who I was as a child. Before my friends and family chime in with a resounding, ‘grow up’, let me explain. One of my deep abiding memories, more explicit than … Continue reading

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Beyond Strength

When strength is all but gone, when its existence is a mere flicker, then what? Where to now? To quote two year olds everywhere, “Why?” We sleep, we wake, we eat, we work, if we’re lucky or smart, we play. … Continue reading

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Recreating Christmas

Christmas 2015. At our house. Finally. We made it. THIS is the year. The year of retirement. After 9 seasons away we’ve returned to Christmas in Coldstream; a dream come true. With rose coloured glasses firmly (more likely hanging by … Continue reading

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Christmas Through the #Selfreg Lens

There is a fear that when viewing Christmas through a lens of self-regulation, pictures of sugarplums resting, rather than dancing, will come to our heads. Point #1  Self-regulated doesn’t mean Zen Zombie. Having tools to self-regulate allows for freedom previously … Continue reading

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When Chaos Tried to Take Over, But Peace Won!

Wow! What. A. Week. Month. From ants to zealots, we’ve experienced it all. The chaos of crazy-busy has not always left my calm demeanour firmly in tact. There were days I was rattled. Days I came home angry. Anger from dawn to … Continue reading

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