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What I Really Think – Part 2

My mind is in a muddle. There is much to process.  One of the things I miss most about not going to work every day is the opportunity to verbally exchange ideas with colleagues, students, and parents. As I’ve often … Continue reading

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Less Doing; More Being

“I’m so tired”. It seems to be a common theme amongst my friends and colleagues. We’re nearing the end of another school year and our calendars are exploding with ‘to do’s’. Report Cards, Appreciation Teas, Sports Day, Track & Field, … Continue reading

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When Chaos Tried to Take Over, But Peace Won!

Wow! What. A. Week. Month. From ants to zealots, we’ve experienced it all. The chaos of crazy-busy has not always left my calm demeanour firmly in tact. There were days I was rattled. Days I came home angry. Anger from dawn to … Continue reading

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Heart and Mind

It’s mid-February and life has suddenly become B U S Y!  I not sure why this still comes as a surprise. It’s actually quite predictable, yet we walk through the hallways of our buildings, rolling our eyes, shrugging our shoulders, … Continue reading

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