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Close Your Eyes; What Do You See?

It’s curious that as I’ve aged I’ve become more of who I was as a child. Before my friends and family chime in with a resounding, ‘grow up’, let me explain. One of my deep abiding memories, more explicit than … Continue reading

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Recreating Christmas

Christmas 2015. At our house. Finally. We made it. THIS is the year. The year of retirement. After 9 seasons away we’ve returned to Christmas in Coldstream; a dream come true. With rose coloured glasses firmly (more likely hanging by … Continue reading

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Take Five

Who doesn’t love spring break? Mine is being spent at my well-loved old house in Vernon; our eventual retirement home. This year we’ve actually, really, finally, started on some must needed reno’s. It’s been decided that windows shall be the … Continue reading

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Heart and Mind

It’s mid-February and life has suddenly become B U S Y!  I not sure why this still comes as a surprise. It’s actually quite predictable, yet we walk through the hallways of our buildings, rolling our eyes, shrugging our shoulders, … Continue reading

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My Name is Carol and I’m a Recovering ‘This or That’ Thinker

Growth or Fixed  Inside or Outside the Box Extrinsic or Intrinsic Rewards  Introvert or Extravert  Leader 0r Manager  Good or Bad Black or White… The list is long. Too long. It’s called,  ‘This or That’ Thinking and I’m done with … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

Perhaps the best part of being of a certain age, is the letting go of keeping up, reaching for more. That constant peeking over the horizon: not being content with what is; staying vigilantly poised for the next best thing. There … Continue reading

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11 Ways to Manage Disappointment

Disappointment. It’s universal. It’s inevitable. It can stop you in your tracks. Here are 11 strategies I’ve found useful in managing the big ‘D’. Do not confuse disappointment with failure. You are not a failure. Call a friend. Journal your … Continue reading

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What I Really Think

Kids will learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it Know your kids There is more than one right way to teach Reporting is not evil Report cards are well past their ‘due date’ Assessment is … Continue reading

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