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Just How Narrow is That Door?

As I approach my third year of retirement, or more like semi-retirement I’m still looking for balance. Every so often, I find it. It is comfort, peace, happy, joy…it is good! But then, world events, family messiness, and the never-ending … Continue reading

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Recreating Christmas

Christmas 2015. At our house. Finally. We made it. THIS is the year. The year of retirement. After 9 seasons away we’ve returned to Christmas in Coldstream; a dream come true. With rose coloured glasses firmly (more likely hanging by … Continue reading

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What I Really Think – Part 2

My mind is in a muddle. There is much to process.  One of the things I miss most about not going to work every day is the opportunity to verbally exchange ideas with colleagues, students, and parents. As I’ve often … Continue reading

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Truth be told, I still have days when I struggle with this retirement thing. The struggle isn’t as intense as a bit ago, (it’s only been 16 days) but as a dear friend accurately advised – the unease does come … Continue reading

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