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An Open Letter to My Kids

To my beloved children (TLC): Yesterday Derek (my in law in training ;)) posted this on Facebook: I agree with Derek, I love THIS. I love that Noah is in a daycare that celebrates diversity. “It is important to teach … Continue reading

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Self-Regulation: Give Me 5!

The best part of retirement, which in reality has become semi-retirement, is having time to invest in things that/people who, matter to me. Flexibility to hang out with friends, family, and grandchildren in the MIDDLE of the day just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Take Five

Who doesn’t love spring break? Mine is being spent at my well-loved old house in Vernon; our eventual retirement home. This year we’ve actually, really, finally, started on some must needed reno’s. It’s been decided that windows shall be the … Continue reading

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Parenting Without Praise? Not Me

What is it about us that we just can’t leave a good idea alone? Why do we have to dissect things ad nauseam, over-thinking to the point where ideas end up sounding just plain silly? Years ago, I was trained as … Continue reading

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