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Joy and Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow: side-by- side, interwoven, enmeshed. Each important. Each deserving of attention. One, more demanding. To experience both is to wonder at life beyond myself. To embrace both makes me more fully human. Today I sing a broken Hallelujah … Continue reading

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Just How Narrow is That Door?

As I approach my third year of retirement, or more like semi-retirement I’m still looking for balance. Every so often, I find it. It is comfort, peace, happy, joy…it is good! But then, world events, family messiness, and the never-ending … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Kids

To my beloved children (TLC): Yesterday Derek (my in law in training ;)) posted this on Facebook: I agree with Derek, I love THIS. I love that Noah is in a daycare that celebrates diversity. “It is important to teach … Continue reading

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From My Heart

My heart is too small. It wants to carry everything. From the joy of grandchildren to the wrenching sadness of people displaced from their homelands; extremes that weave through my heart on a daily-sometimes hourly basis. Joy alongside angst, how is that … Continue reading

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Close Your Eyes; What Do You See?

It’s curious that as I’ve aged I’ve become more of who I was as a child. Before my friends and family chime in with a resounding, ‘grow up’, let me explain. One of my deep abiding memories, more explicit than … Continue reading

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Connecting as Humans – #Aprilblogaday

Day 4 of the April Blog a Day challenge is to  think about a moment in your teaching experience where there was a “connection” between you and a student or group of students that resonated beyond content. My challenge is to limit … Continue reading

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Community, Courage, Integrity, Excellence

Community April 30, 1978 Year three of university was complete. As always my dad provided a job for me at his millwork company. Every summer since turning 14 I was a vastly overpaid extra person in the office. Needing a … Continue reading

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On Keeping the Learner in Leader

A good friend lent me (although she may not get it back) the book, “Leaders Eat Last”, by Simon Sinek. If it’s not on your reading list, consider adding it. It’s reinforced, but moreso challenged my ideas of what it … Continue reading

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It’s Like Coming Home

Being away has been difficult. I’m melted into my reverend’s comfy recliner with the dust blown off of ‘Better is Possible’. Freshly brewed coffee by my side, a smile on my face; I am as close to a Zen moment … Continue reading

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Parenting Without Praise? Not Me

What is it about us that we just can’t leave a good idea alone? Why do we have to dissect things ad nauseam, over-thinking to the point where ideas end up sounding just plain silly? Years ago, I was trained as … Continue reading

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